Tips for Basement Storage and Cleaning

Basement regular cleaning and maintenance is important to keep your house clean and organized, as no one fancies a house that is full of cluttered mess. When you do our regular cleaning every week, you will be surprised at how many things you keep on accumulating which are not necessary for your house anymore. As the EPA’s advocacy to reuse and recycle some things in your house, there is also stuff that you need to throw into the bin and let go. There are many junk removal services like the junk removal Queens, NY that offers you a professional removal service that you can trust and rely on. 

In this article, we will help you with your basement maintenance to make the task easier.  

Tips for Basement Storage And Cleaning 

Whether you are dreaming of transforming your basement for more space or just trying to be organized with your things, these tips will help you a great deal. 

1. Do not store anything that is susceptible to mildew 

You need to know that basements are generally damp, and keeping some things that are susceptible to mildew will make your basement also susceptible to damage. When you want to store materials such as musical items, wooden materials, basketball cards, pillows, mattresses, fabrics, and cardboard boxes, you need to ensure that the basement is dry. 

2. Avoid storing materials that are seldom used 

We know that some of us have that sentimental tendency that keeps us store things that are not even often used in the house. However, understand that this will just create a mote mess and clutter in your house. So, to prevent your basement a good place for pest and rodent’s haven, purge any material that you seldom used, identify that can be reused and recycled, and toss away the things you do not need.  

3. Try making your basement waterproof 

A waterproof basement provides more safety and versatility to your basement and the materials stored in it. You might think it entails costs on your side. No. It actually is an investment to prolong your basement’s life and the things inside it. If you notice that the basement areas sometimes are pooling, or water keeps seeping in, then it is a must that you make it waterproof 

4.Have some different zones for each type of materials you have in your basement 

One of the ways to be more organized is to categorize your materials, tools, and equipment. For instance, there should be a designated area for house paints and another for gym equipment.  

5. Get rid of the toolboxes by providing a wall storage 

Too many plastic containers and jars in your basement is an eyesore. This is why it is best to recycle them and replace them with wall storage that is esthetically more appealing to the eyes.  


There are still many tips we can provide like keeping your basement smell good, or make an inventory every year for faster and easier access to tools and equipment.